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Where the light meets joy...

Tinda Guali 

This eco-shelter is made by stone and wood, materials found and picked from nature. Made by using new technology and old knowledge specific to this area.

This ancient technic of building dry-stone-walls is now part of the UNESCO-World-Heritage.

It is situated on an ancient vineyard-terrace, surrounded by rosemary bushes and 35 m distance to the sea. Enjoy the beautiful sea-view and colorful sunsets!

Accommodation for 2 people. Ergonomic beds, pillows and blankets are protected by a mosquito net. Illumination is made from sustainable sources. Everything is furnished with handmade equipment .

There is an own dry toilet and simple shower. 
There is a little kitchen corner with simple equipment (plates, jars, cutlery, thermos...) and cleaning tools.

A camping-fridge keeps your drinks and snacks cool.
Important to know:
It is NOT possible to cook in the cottage!
Any open fire is NOT allowed on the island!
Therefore we offer you breakfast + dinner (our "Chill-out-package") This is to book together with your accommodation in advance! You can choose for example: 3 nights - min 2 x food, 5 nights - min 3 x food, 7nights - min 5 x food...find more details on "My Kitchen"

Following the romantic promenade along the coast and the beautiful sandy beach you reach the main house and restaurant.

Amenities :

Camping shower/Dry toiletTowelsBed sheetsEasy chair/hammockMosquito netEssentials, Camping fridgeSmoking allowedLittle private garden

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