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Calm Sea

Welcome to Island escape ...

To get to the island Biševo, you are passing several stations of exceptional beauty. First you reach the city of Split on the mainland , then travell by ferry to the island of Vis, and at least, by boat from Komiza to Biševo.

First, the city of Split.

The second largest city in Croatia; the real pearl of the Mediterranean. Here you can see what the Dalmatian word šušur means in all of its glory: loud, happy,good. This is also the best place to feel the coexistence between humans and nature.

Vis, stop number two, allows you to sink deeper into the tradition. You can almost feel the 4th century B.C. The ancient Vis - called ISSA at this time - was a strong and prosperity greek village. Now you can find nice hiking paths, beautiful beaches, small villages and all the benefits of civilization. 


Biševo is mysticism, Island wildlife, caves and nature.

15 inhabitants live on this Island with the size of 6 km2.The majority of this people are fishermen and farmers.

Surrounded by a crystal sea, you spend the holidays among pine-trees and rosemary bushes.

If you take the local line from Komiža to Biševo leave the boat at the second stop - Salbunara bay. Then follow the path 100m uphill and on the first crossroad you are just in front of the restaurant/reception.

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