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Welcome to Island escape ...

Important to know before booking....

On the island are no shops, no running water and no traffic. There is no possibility of buying food/ drinking water! To make any kind of open fire is strictly forbidden on the whole island!! 

Therefore it is necessary to organize with us your holidays on this unique and remote island very well before your arrival.

You can reach Biševo by using the local line "Sveti Salvestar" starting every day only at 8 o'clock in the morning (Fridays at 14.30 too) from Komiža.(4,50 eur/ per person)

Or you can rent in Komiža a fast-boat at any time on the pier or online. (about 100.-eur/ per boat) 

Biševo is a very remote island sparsely populated.

Now 20 inhabitants live on this island which is only 6 km2 large. There is no mass tourism in our village in salbunara bay!

This place offers many hidden treasures which are waiting to be explored! Almost untouched nature, the smell of wild herbs, small paths leading through rosemary bushes and pine forests, crystal clear seawater, hidden caves, stargazing out from your bed and listening all night and day to the sound of the sea and the wind!
After spending some days on this awesome place, you feel like newborn, deeply relaxed and full of power!

Our 4 cottages are located on an area of 4000 m2. They have a lot of privacy too!

The capacity of 8 beds in our eco shelters guaranties you an exquisite, comfortable and quiet stay.  

According to our experiences we recommend you to plan your stay minimum for 3 days.
If you want to relax deeper you should plan your holidays at least for one week and longer!
Our "Chill-out-package" (breakfast + dinner) provides you with fresh prepared traditional dalmatian meal, so that you are well looked after all around!

Our restaurant is 200 m away from the cottages directly in the bay. Breakfast and dinner is served there on the roof. 

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