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Kiklopovo žalo
bazeni za čuvanje jastoga nekad ...
vesela družina :-)
pripreme ... brusnik
Tiha ....
punim jedrima ..
Salbunara bay :-)

The famous traditional fishing boat - Falkuša - will take you on an unforgettable day- trip to this remote little island Brusnik. The trip is organized in cooperation with Josko Božanić, the celebrated chef and narrator. Traditional fish lunch is prepared and served on the boat. He offers you activities like sailing, fishing and more ... and - he knows a lot of stories to tell you!

Brusnik is a protected area since1951 as a geological monument of nature.
The highest peak is 23 meters .The length of the island is about 200 meters, a width up to 150 meters.

Brusnik is composed mainly of volcanic rocks, of which grindstones are manufactured (hence the name).

In this area are strong magnetic interferences. On the north side you can find a nice beach covered with large pebbles - ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

On the south-east and north-west coast of Brusnik are several small reefs. 

The island is covered with endemic plants and animals like the Black Lizard.

There are many caper-bushes growing. You can enjoy collecting your own capers! 

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