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Where the light meets joy...

Golden Hammock Award

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Each guest who spends more than 3 days in our resort, is nominated for the "golden hammock award".
Conditions of participation: just to BE, to do nothing, just relaxing and enjoying your life during you stay on the island -))

Explore the beauty of the island with our maps

This year we created special hiking-maps for guests on Biševo to explore the fantastic nature on the island!
You can follow six different tours which are all easily to walk. They will take from 30 minutes  to 5 hours. The pictures show you the highlights of the tour.
 You can borrow printed maps in the restaurant or you can find the link to interactive maps on this website under"activities"

Meeting Point 

A very special place on the top of the hill with an awesome view over the island and the open sea. If the weather is splendid you can even see the italian coast!
Here you will find a table and a bench made out of stone and rocks by Davor and his helper.
It is a very powerful energy-place that invites you to practice meditation, to sit down and rest, to make a picnic, to watch the fullmoon or to collect stars at night!

The next Basic Workshop I will take place on the end of may 2022!
We will create a new stone-table and a new stone-bench on this great place.
If you are interested to join that workshop - please contact us for further information!

Screaming Point

This place is created for people who don`t want to carry their anger, sadness or frustration any longer with them. Follow the sign uphill to that place and scream as loud as you can in direction of the sea! Only the wind and the sea can hear you and will carry away all what makes you unhappy in the moment!
Before leaving the place sit down a little bit and relax! Enjoy that you are alive, smell the fresh air, listen to the wind and your heartbeat!

"rent the place"

A most interesting opportunity for organisators of any kind of groups! 
Davor offers you to rent his islandescape-areal for closed groups (up to 8 people)!
It is a remarkable place for organizing retreats, hiking groups, creative workshop-groups,
or just friends who want to spend their time together on natural vacation

  • minimum stay: 5 nights

  • 5 x breakfast + dinner (chill-out-package)

  • 5 x lunch (available)

  • individual menu compilation (vegetarian/vegan is possible too)

  • Tour on/or around the island with boat/kayak (available)

  • Guided tours to the caves/cliffs (available)

  • price individually designable and on request!

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